Jul 04

You can find a day by day description of my photo course over at my business blog here.

Apr 15

247/365 - Focus

I was just thinking as I was sitting here in front of the computer, working away and importing every photo of mine I can lay my hands on how good it felt to be doing this to music. It seems over the past couple of days I have bought listening to music back to the fore of my core.

Huh? You say? Yes I always listen to music, you can’t help but not. It’s everywhere. But lately I’ve had the headphones on even when I’m inside and had the music going as I do dishes, work, eat dinner (Lucy was on a teleconference) and other times. And it seems to help me do whatever I am trying to do. Especially when I am working it seems that the best way for me to focus is to blast my ears with music.

Right now the playlist is “RXA” which is all songs marked either 4 or 5 stars on my iPod. Currently working on a wedding pitch I have tomorrow night. Getting a bit tired so my chuck a DVD on the MacBook and fall asleep to that.

This post has been bought to you by: “Say” (John Mayer), “Something’s Missing” (John Mayer) & “Are you going to be my girl?” (Jet)

Nov 18

It’s been a while since I have posted and I apologise. It has been a busy week (and half of the weekend) and I am finally finding some time in front of the computer.

I’ll try to be more prolific in future.

I’m off to an army gig today at a local RSL so the travel time will be good.

Nov 12

Remembrance Day

Originally uploaded by RXAphotos

Yesterday morning was spent with a client taking photos of him playing the “Last Post” and “Rouse” on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets in Melbourne for Remembrance Day.

I was very happy with what got in the short time available with the featured photo being one of my favourite.

Nov 10

Home safe

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We finished an hour early (they closed the bar) and I didn’t have to pack up the drums so I managed to get home around 2.20.


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