Nov 19

Not me … Richie Benaud, the Channel nine cricket commentating legend.

When he was leading the commentary team AND spending time during each match in front of the camera (in the cream, bone, white, off-white, ivory or beige jacket) his commentary was always straight down the line … I remember when one of the other commentators would try and coax a story out of him he would have no bar of it.

This year, relieved of television duties (and seen in a blue jacket!) he is taking part in stories about Michael Slater’s tattoos and wondering if modern day cricket medics still use a bag of peas to ice ankles with. The man as I often say to friends still has one of the most amazing cricket recollections in the game but know he’s that he is funny, I’m enjoying the cricket a lot more.

Oct 08


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Saturday morning was spent in the continual struggle of man and Matthew. Don’t get me wrong he is a fantastic kid, funny, gorgeous, cheeky but MY GOD he has a rebellious streak … no idea where he got that from!

After returning him to his mother I drove to Frankston to use some of Chris and Mel’s storage space freeing my car from some of its load. Whilst I was there I took and uploaded the self portrait for the day and we watched some TV to pass the time.

The first item on the agenda was the South Park episode I had heard so much about from friends. It’s the episode where Cartman forms a Christian rock band to try and make a platinum record before Kyle can. The funny/disturbing bits are Cartman’s black friend “Token” who is repeatedly told that because he is black he can not only play bass, but he will already have one in his basement. Very wrong but very funny.

Cartman’s key to success is changing lyrics to songs already written from love, babe and darling to Jesus. And once again, very funny but oh so wrong at times.

The next item was the second episode of House (fourth season). Still love this show and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

The last show was my introduction to “The Unit”. This was a fantastic show and I have got the entire first season to watch now. It deals with the parallels of soldiers in a “unknown” special forces unit dealing with terrorists and and their wives at home dealing with living in “the army system”.

I had a gig with the Cucumbers that night so it was off to get ready for that. A rather long night but as usual hilarity was bought to the fore during the evening and I once again demonstrated that there is no better teacher than experience as I continued to play although crying (yes I do mean tears were streaming down my face) with laughter at one point. Closest I have ever come to stopping during a song.

Got home about 1.30 and crashed.

Aug 24

All of my loyal readers need to go straight to (right now, why are you still reading this???) cd.chrisannable.com and click the BUY NOW button. Trust me you will love it.

How do I know? Well …


  1. Chris is my little brother.
  2. Chris is an amazing songwriter (bastard) :)
  3. I play guitar in Chris’s band and have heard and played these songs more times then I care to mention … and yet I still think they are great.

Take my word for it. In fact they are so cheap at $15.00 you should buy several. And if you ask me nicely I can get them all signed for you. And if you ask me really really nicely, I WON’T sign them as well.

Why are you still here … did you NOT see the link … just in case, here it is again.


Aug 16

I thought this website was cute. Before I go any further can guys use the word ‘cute’?

Anyway … I digress.

43 Things is like a really big to do list. You write down your big goals in life and then tick them off as you achieve them (hopefully). You can even have the website email you reminders at a time frame of your choosing.

Might be fun to follow for a while.

Aug 07

Another one of my daily reads via rss is “What the Duck?”, a comic about ducks who happen to be photographers.

What the duck comic strip.

The humour makes me laugh which is basically all I look for in a comic. It can be found at whattheduck.net and I recommend subscribing.

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