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Sep 04

23/365 – New T-Shirt & Toy

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Two photo related things arrived within the last twenty four hours.

I – T-shirt. My “Shameless Plug” t-shirt arrived from RedBubble. As shown in the photo taken with the assistance of …

II – Wireless remote for the 30D. Now my self-portraits I am required to do daily are going to be much better!

Rich is a happy boy.

Aug 27

Skpe me

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If any of you lot out there have a Skype account and ever feel the need to contact me … get in touch with me and I will pass on my account name.

Aug 24

Warning: All people reading this who can program PHP &  MySQL code easily. Stop reading now.

I can’t really code. I can’t get my head around most of the stuff so when I managed to hand code a previous and next system for photographs within a gallery … let’s just say I was rather chuffed.

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