Aug 21

9/365 – Bamboo

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I was just about to head out the door this afternoon when a courier pulled up at the driveway. He was here bearing a gift. One of my recent purchases from eBay, a brand new Wacom Bamboo tablet.

I have been meaning to get a tablet for ages having heard many photographers rave about them and the assistance they provide with detailed editing in Photoshop and other software. With a bulging PayPal account (and no bank account linked to it), I thought I would use some funds and invest in one. :)

This thing is cool. The level of interaction is fantastic and it won’t take me too long to get really fluent with it.

An additional bonus occurred when I fired up my music software on a hunch. Yep, I can use the tablet to “write” music using the notation software I have on my MacBook. This is a real bonus as not having a number pad on the MacBook is a hassle when using the music software. But now it’s just as fast if not faster to do my arrangements.

Thank you Wacom, my RSI is ensured now.

Oh yeah, I better go as I was slighty late leaving BEFORE the tablet arrived.

Aug 05

Two cameras

Saturday morning I received a call from Kirk’s Camera store. My Canon 300D which had received a nasty blow back in April was ready to be picked up. I quickly altered my travel plans for the morning so I could collect the camera before my weekend away with the army.

So now I can truly answer the question I often get “What’s your favorite camera?” with “Two cameras!”.

Why two cameras? I keep the 50mm 1.8 on one and a longer zoom on the other so I can cover most shooting situations from any spot. If I want to take a photograph of something up close I go for the 50mm lens (left shoulder) or if I need to capture something that’s a little further away I grab the zoom (right shoulder).

I can tell you I had fun last night.

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